Blue Exorcist Meisters

From top three to Bottom two: Dragoon; Aria; Tamer; Doctor; and Knight.

Throughout Blue Exorcist there are several classifications for Exorcists. Each of the classifications refers to the different fighting styles adopted by an Exorcist. There are currently five classifications:
  • Knight: Sword-fighter, melee weapons. Mostly seen fighting with demon swords.
  • Dragoon: Arms-Fighter, mainly uses guns to fight.
  • Tamer: Summons demons to fight.
  • Aria: Recites a Demon's "Fatal Verse" in which the demon will instantaneously be killed/annihilated.
  • Doctor: Has medical knowledge to treat most wounds inflicted by demons and otherwise.

Of these five classifications it is possible for exorcists to take on multiple roles. Eg. Bon wants to be both an Aria and Dragoon.