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Rin Okumura
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December 27, 1995


Satan (Father) Yuri Egin (Mother) Yukio Okumura (Younger Twin Brother)






Nobuhiko Okamoto (Japanese)
Bryce Papenbrook (English)


He is usually seen, throughout the story, in his school uniform, which is comprised of; a black coat, white button up shirt, dress pants, and dark shoes. He carries his sword, Kurikara, in a red cloth over his back, that conceals his weapon.

While in his human form, Rin has black/bluish messy hair & he exhibits a number of physical traits that are signs of his demonic nature, such as sharper-looking canines, pointed ears, eyes that are darker than those of normal people, and a black, fur tufted tail (which he keeps hidden in his pants). As a demon, Rin gains two blue flames that float above his head, long, elf-like ears, his pupils turn red, and the trademark sign of anything related to Satan ; bright blue flames. Rin can emit these flames in both human and demon form, and as a demon he can manipulate the flames to burn anything around him, as well as spewing them in jets from his hands and sword. In addition, the flames seem to be connected to Rin's emotional state, as throughout the series the potency of the flames seems proportional to the level of anger, distress, or any other negative emotion Rin is feeling.


'Rin Okumura' is the fifteen year-old protagonist of the story, Rin is also the son of Satan born from a human woman and is the inheritor of his father's powers. After Satan possessed & killed his guardian, Father & Exorcist, Paladin Shirou Fujimoto, Rin decides to become an Exorcist in order to take revenge upon Satan. While being immature and childish, he will put himself in great amounts of danger for the sake of helping his friends and achieving his goal. He can tap into the power he has inherited from Satan through the use of the demon-slaying blade, Kurikara. The sheath acts as a portal to Gehenna (the demon world) which when drawn returns Rin to his true demon form.

He is currently attempting to gain the title of Meister as a Knight (an exorcist who fights with a sword) so he can make one step closer to becoming a Paladin like Shiro. He is currently ranked as an Esquire. He is also noted to be good in cooking.

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